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Home >> Zhongshan Scenic Area sightseeing guide

Zhongshan Scenic Area

Zhongshan Scenic AreaZhongshan Scenic Area is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, to Zhongshan (Purple Mountain) and Xuanwu Lake as the center. Scenic spots winding down, like the valley of death, including the Purple Mountain, the Ming Dynasty city wall, Xuanwu Lake, mountains, lakes and connecting strip of rich mountain lake, covered in Zhoushan, cages several low hilly and mountain walls, castle. Which is characterized by light and color together to close the mountain, mountains, water, city, forest integration, complement each other. Since Zhongshan overlooking Xuanwu Yan Liu Wuzhou, ten spring, songbirds wall shadow shimmering lake, Lake Daisy Pearl Lin, panoramic view. Exhilarating. Rich Hill, covered Zhoushan, Jilongshan Taying Xiufeng, verdant forests. Naturally occurring forest wild, plus excellent and exquisite architecture, making Zhongshan scenic natural beauty and human beauty become closely integrated high masterpiece, Nanjing trip has a "Jinling Yuk" reputation. China's first batch of 5A class.

Xuanwu Lake is surrounded by mountains, facing the city. Zhongshan Xiongzhi East Lake, the ancient city on the verge of the Southwest, wealth, capsize, Jilongshan screen out in the south, across the city embraced Xiufeng Tower View, Chaoyang, the shogunate mountain stretches Hubei, and the town surrounded by many historical sites along the lake. Xuanwu Lake Park Sang Gu Cheng, Moling lake, after Lake Kunming Lake. According to legend, Liu Song Southern years, there are black dragon appeared, it said Xuanwu Lake. Song Wang Anshi when implementing the new law, waste Lake field, from Xuanwu disappear. Ming Dynasty emperor high walls, and Xuanwu Lake dredging restore a natural moat.

Zhongshan eastern outskirts of the ancient capital of Nanjing, Nanjing is the first mountains. Originally known Jinling Hill, Warring States Period, Chu Jinling built in this town, that is thus named after the mountain. Han Dynasty, said Zhong Shan said at the start of the Eastern Jin Dynasty Purple Mountain, because of the mountains purple shale, Peak afar, Ziyun filled spectacular. Zhongshan Sanfeng connected shaped like a dragon, mountain. Water, city seamless, magnificent, magnificent, ancient "Zhong Shan Lung Poon, Shicheng Hu Ju," said. Zhongshan is located in the north temperate and subtropical summer, the transition zone to the north and south plant introduction, rich variety of plants, trees and lush. There are a great pioneer of Chinese democratic revolution, Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum - the tomb of Sun Yat-sen and the Revolution celebrity. There is the tomb of Sun Quan, Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Spirit Valley and so many historical sites.

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