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Home >> White Horse Temple sightseeing guide

White Horse Temple

White Horse TempleThe first large-scale Chinese civilization to absorb foreign culture, is the introduction of Buddhism. AD 64, Emperor Ming Liu Zhuang Jin Night's Dream, emissary Western Dharma prayer request. As a result, China has been the first time the story of Buddhist sutras. Three years later, the Chinese and Indian monks used to make white horse pack containing Buddhist scriptures, Buddha returned to Luoyang, Emperor Ming to meet in person. The next year, in Luoyang Chillon built outside the monastery, bearing in mind the horse for the power pack named after the White Horse Temple. Since then, the lands east of the earth, Luo coast, at the foot of the emperor, there will be some of the earliest Chinese Buddhist temple, on which it is Buddhism grow and flourish in the land of China's first Bodhi temple, Buddhist community has always been revered as release source, Buddhism.

Luoyang tour to Baima Temple pagoda towering Diange towering, long forest trees, quiet awe, the main building of the temple located in the central axis from south to north, around five main hall patchwork, rigorous and orderly. 23 Yuan main building within the clip limonene paint dry, statues of various shapes and lifelike. They are all made of silk, linen is made, only 3-5 kg per amount of respect from the Yuan has more than 700 years without repair, color is still as new, is the rare rarity, but also the White Horse Temple in the town of Temple Bao.

China's first temple is the White Horse Temple in Luoyang, China's first pagoda is the White Horse Temple of Qiyun Tower, Central nuns first dojo is the White Horse Temple of Qiyun Ta Yuan, China's oldest Buddhist monk living in India, the White Horse Temple, The earliest collection of Buddhist scriptures in Sanskrit incoming White Horse Temple, he is China's earliest scriptures temple, the first Han Chinese monk ordained here, it makes the White Horse Temple, the first of China's first capable of retaining Garan, forever shine frontispiece in the annals of Chinese Buddhism. Today, the annual New Year's Day, Chinese and foreign friends have gathered to listen to the White Horse Temple, Ma Temple Bell, with 108 under the bell to eliminate all heart trouble.

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