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Home >> Chongdu Ditch tourist information

Chongdu Ditch

Chongdu DitchRe-crossing the ditch is a recreational paradise. In addition to a variety of recreational facilities Rooster scenic river ecology ecological amusement park, there are slides, strop, grass skiing and various field training facilities. Re-crossing the ditch to Liu Yong Jin Kai drifting drift and unique, exciting, different. There are water jogging ball, water jumping bed, bumper boats, yachts, fishing and other consumer groups suitable for all kinds of great variety of water entertainment.

Re-crossing the ditch Arts Plaza enable visitors to display themselves, relax emotion, the song also has dance, whatever. Bonfire night visitors can enjoy the release of the day's fatigue, from the mountains to experience a deep sense of style. Shopping in the supermarket hedgehog, fungus, mushrooms, velvet, pecans, wild grape berries and delicacies such as dozens of dazzling tourist souvenirs make visitors what they want. Roadway sitting elegant chic snacks, can not only enjoy the southern charm, but also enjoy the taste of authentic delicacies game.

Park walked back to hundreds of years of history, simplicity pastoral farming farm Folk Culture Village, Luoyang tours with the kinds of food and drink, are the dregs of the earth, wear dry looking to play, all hundred years ago. Participate blacksmith, oil, making pottery; spun cotton, weaving, plow tillage trial; see the lion dance, wine products, tofu taste mill; Turnery, a dozen sandals, school armed hunting, enjoy folk customs. Night view of the lights farmhouse, sitting bench, sing songs and enjoy the mountain month, listen frogs, not immortal, immortal worth.

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