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Home >> Yaoli sightseeing tour


YaoliYao River Valley is the birthplace of Jingdezhen porcelain, Jingdezhen porcelain is the main raw material - kaolin produced in Yao on kaolinite nearby mountain. Yao River between the landscape, both multiple porcelain production base - pits, kilns and workshops, but also to serve the transportation system - shipping terminal, the ancient post road, as well as by the Porcelain and Trade propped up the settlement system - commercial pier, town, village. Yao formerly kiln, being named by the kiln.

Yao ancient buildings; Yao Village, large -scale ancient buildings, has preserved Ming and Qing commercial street, temples, Scholars section, the doctor first, Hanlin first, old houses, lion Gang Sheng Lan, etc.. Among the most representative buildings step Ridge, where the Jingdezhen tour concentration step Ridge arches, old houses, the doctor first, lion Gang Sheng Lan, etc.. Yao is the history of the origin of Jingdezhen porcelain raw material, but also Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi border rice, firewood, tea, tea distribution center, or Jingdezhen leading Zhejiang, Anhui trail. Jing Yi Tong village in 1938, Comrade Chen Yi Yao Fourth Army to stay in this organization at the famous New Fourth Army Yao adaptation. Yao has a magnificent canyon in the high inter- mountain waterfall. Waterfall 30 meters wide, 60 meters from the cliff pouring straight down. Silver yarn misty clouds transpiration, sound regret valley. Competing water stone, bead splash, scenery spectacular. Yao is a good place for summer. Yao was built in the Western Han Dynasty in the town, surrounded by peaks, picturesque, such as screen, South squat Xiangshan, lying north Shishan, Yao river through the town. Hundreds of buildings of Ming and Qing ancient buildings yard, patchwork distribution in the Yao River, all of Huizhou architecture, cornices, Fenqiangdaiwa, nestled among the mountains.

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