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Home >> Fuliang Ancient Town sightseeing information

Fuliang Ancient Town

Fuliang Ancient TownFuliang Ancient City Scenic Area is located in the outskirts of the city of Jingdezhen porcelain 8 km, located in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Southern Fujian Golden Triangle, the Yangtze River Economic Zone and the Beijing-Kowloon railway junction in central economic zone, its location advantages are obvious. If Jingdezhen as the center point of the surrounding radiation 250 km words. Contains Lushan, Huangshan, Wuyishan, Jiuhua Mountains in Lung Fu Shan, Poyang Lake, Lake and other six mountain lakes, constitutes a meta-district and tourist hot spots World Heritage dense area. The formation of a center of Jingdezhen porcelain radiating golden circle tour.

Fuliang ancient county government started in Qing Dynasty, was the only Southern China preserved ancient county government. It is better to show the ancient Chinese art and architecture of ancient Qing Dynasty government regulation, the establishment from which to scrap the system, there are many powerful minister seat this town, China Jingdezhen tours to central celebrated 170 years. Jingdezhen history attached to Fuliang County jurisdiction, since the Tang Dynasty, the magistrate had been Guanju Fuliang five products. Zhaobi extant ancient county government, the first door, instrument door, lobby, two, three, construction area of ??2660 square meters. Scratch door to door to the lobby instrument, there is a nearly 100 meters reported bluestone paved corridor, next to several strains of Cooper, an old well. There is a courtyard between the instrument and the lobby door, about 1,200 square meters. Entire Yamen not applied paint, sculpture also simple, this margin was not the treasury, where financial constraints of physical portrayal, indicating the Qing Dynasty has begun to decline, described as an ancient county government, half of the Qing Dynasty.

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