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Home >> Thousand Buddha Mountain tour information

Thousand Buddha Mountain

Thousand Buddha MountainJinan Thousand Buddha Mountain is one of the three spots, located in the southeast of the city of Jinan, elevation 285 meters. Zhou formerly known as Alexandra, according to legend, the ancient Yu Shun was mountain wasteland farming, therefore, also known as Yu hiking, mountain Shungeng. Kaihuang years, more than the mountain engrave Buddha statue and build Thousand Buddhist temples, said before the Thousand Buddha Mountain. The Tang Dynasty Thousand Buddhist temples was renamed Xingguo Temple, since the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, March, nine Chung Yeung festivals are held. Expansion of the Ming Dynasty temple, then into incense resort. 1959 Provisioning Park, an area of 166 hectares.

Thousand Buddha Mountain peaks out things such as the screen, beautiful scenery and numerous attractions. China Jinan tours to Thousand Buddha Temple and rejuvenating living mountainside, the Main Hall, Kwun Tong, Maitreya Hall of Hua Ting. South side Qianfoya, statues kept Kaihuang statue more than 10 years. Cliff, from west to east, times have Longquan Cave, Jiyue Dong, Qian Lou hole, Lu Zu hole. Alexandra Hospital, Xingguo Temple in the east of the three religions of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism tenements, there Shun Temple, Luban Temple, Wenchang Pavilion, the list of booths, holds the stone statues of the Northern Wei, Tang, Song era. In the eastern foot of the mountain is the Revolution martyrs cemetery. If the mountain road from west to disk, you can see Let the smoke nine, the arch. Torii name is borrowed Tang Dynasty poet Li 's poem Looking Qi Zhou nine o'clock smoke, a pool of seawater spilled the cup. Up the stairs, is the cloud Zen Trail Off Square. In recent years, the Thousand Buddha Mountain Park has made great progress, has added a Blossom, sightseeing ropeway, Ying Fang Yuan, Qi can slide, Eighteen, Buddha, golf courses, Guanyin Park, and Rock Garden, pear, waterfalls and other attractions. Gradually developed into a mix of history, culture, landscape, Buddhism as a whole, the service fully functional, large-scale tourist destination.

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