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Home >> Daming Lake travel guide and tour

Daming Lake

Daming LakeDaming Lake Park is located in Jinan city northerly direction. Area is very large, accounting for almost a quarter of the Old City. Daming Lake scenic beauty, kite flying on the lake diving, full lotus pond, boats crossed the shore Yang mentioned strong, beautiful flowers, full of tourists, it has also been decorated with colorful kiosks, Taiwan, House, House, Yuanshanjinshui and clear sky blend in, like a great color picture. Daming Lake views scene throughout the year, especially in the air is crisp autumn days the most pleasant. Spring, warm air blowing on the lake, willows rocked, rippling; summer, the lake and the Netherlands waves charming, lush patches, red little; autumn, lake aloe flying waterfowl flying; winter, although the temporary loss of the blue lake, but snow, particularly the monster burn.

Daming Lake Aqua Sea Ranch, embankment Liu Gaan, lotus Pinnacle, rather pavilion embellished south Qianfoshan reflected in the lake, forming a natural picture, lakeside pavilions, waterside promenade patchwork, Jinan trip to clear lake south Xuantong years imitation southern gardens built ya park. YA water park bridges, quiet lane corridors, rockeries pavilions, very elegant, known as Jinan First Garden on the lakeside pavilion built awe rockery, its board, with sweeping views of Daming Lake. The north shore of the lake opposite the high platform has built in North Georgia Yuan Court, according to South Point Pavilion, Yuanshanjinshui, smoke tree tower, are into the picture. Qing Dynasty calligrapher iron retained under lotus surrounded on three sides Liu, a city of mountains half the city lake, the famous, vividly revealed the absolute best place Daming Lake.

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