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Home >> Baotu Spring travel information and tours

Baotu Spring

Baotu SpringJinan Baotu ranked the highest in all the springs, Jinan is one of the three spots, located in Jinan City Lixia District Baotu Park, Baotu park was founded in 1956, its monuments, rich cultural connotation, south and north areas is a characteristic of the most representative artistic landscape garden.

China Jinan tour is known as the Springs, "every spring, willows," constitute a unique natural landscape and historical and cultural features. Baotu Springs is seventy-two crown, Baotu group is the first of four Quanqun. Baotu numerous springs in the park, there is the famous gold wire springs, Shu Yuquan, horse ran spring, wau Quan, Huang Hua Quan, catkins spring, old gold wire springs and a total of 27 famous springs. Former Baotu, area of less than four acres, both incense resort, but also a entertainer, rapper, divination and set up stalls in place, built in 1956, a formal garden, after several expansion, and now the area has reached 10.5 hectares, is a characteristics of the rare city park with a fountain. Park, many historical sites, cultural heritage. Lok Yuen Tong, E England Temple, Wang ting, Guanlan Pavilion, Shangzhi Tang, Qingzhao Memorial and Yian old home, Cang Park, Snow House, Wan Yuen, Li Yan Memorial, WANG Memorial and other human landscape or magnificent, or simple elegant; many famous springs, stone inscription bearing the thousands of years of history, culture and famous springs in Jinan culture; Lantern Festival Lantern Festival with traditional features, Qu Yi Shan Hai, Wang crane tea, a long history of universal riddles and other activities to develop and enrich Baotu cultural connotations. Teahouse, catering, photography, crafts, painting and other social service facilities and reasonable layout. Park Baotu centric, view of spring, tours drama, featuring tea, creating quaint, quiet, subtle realm, die mountain range in water, to reproduce the beauty of nature. The whole garden has been planned for 18 spots.

Baotu Park is a national park excellence, "Top Ten" parks, national 4A level scenic areas (spots ), the national building services systems civilized demonstration window for 18 consecutive years since 1986, was named the provincial civilized units, at home and abroad the famous tourist destination.

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