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Home >> Victoria Peak travel guide and tours

Victoria Peak

Victoria PeakWestern ranks of Hong Kong Island, 554 meters above sea level, called the Island's highest mountain. Peak tour, but you can ride on top of the hill from the highway circling. However, more tourists prefer funicular, because it is very quick and go exploring the Peak value of transport. Ride from St. John's Building, Garden Road area within the funicular, the rapid rise along the sloping mountain, just 15 minutes, you can reach the mountain is located in the Pacific at 398 m boat lookout.

Peak is one of Hong Kong's most popular attractions attractions, but also a magnificent bird's eye view of the Harbour, ideally gorgeous city views. In the scenic hilltop loop trails wander, visible layers of skyscrapers, world-renowned Victoria Harbour, as well as fresh and pleasant green hills; from Lugard Road lookout sighted, harbor scenery is at a glance. In addition, the observation deck Lions Pavilion, Peak Galleria and Sky Terrace, the same sitting on an excellent view!

Peak Peak Tram ride aboard, along with views overlooking the stunning Victoria Harbour, after all, an unforgettable experience! Pulled by steel cables of the cable car, Hong Kong trip along the slopes rising 373 meters (about 1,200 feet), steep slope, allowing you to think along the steep rise buildings are tilted. Exposure inside the compartment body could not help but tilt backwards. Tall buildings, dense clump of wood looks as if down to the side, feeling really wonderful!

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