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Home >> Ocean Park tourist information

Ocean Park

Ocean ParkHong Kong Ocean Park is one of the world's largest marine park, located south of Ocean Park Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong. Completed in January 1977. Surrounded by the sea, east of Deep Water Bay, south of the East Lamma Channel, west of Tai Shue Wan. An area of 870,000 square meters, is Asia's largest marine park. Park building located in Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long Shan mountain valley. Between the two parks with a ropeway tourists just 1.4 km cable car ride, you can travel between the two parks, form a complete park area. In the cable car can also watch Deep Water Bay, Repulse Bay sea. It includes the marine world, Middle Kingdom, green garden, birds paradise, Headland Rides, Adventure Land, water park, children of the Kingdom and other eight districts.

Hong Kong tours to Ocean Park has Southeast Asia 's largest oceanarium and theme amusement park, with coastal mountains, charming and diverse, is a favorite haunt of tourists. Here you can see not only full of fun outdoor playground, dolphin show, as well as strange marine fish, towering Ocean Park Tower, more thrilling Mine Train, The Abyss, called science, tourism, the perfect combination of entertainment.
The new " Pacific Coast" filled with cultural charm and natural beauty of the California coast in North America. In Haitao Pentium, and rugged coastal scenery in a quiet and pleasant beach, sea lions, seals Joy greet every one visitors.

Hong Kong Ocean Park is one of the world's largest marine park, covering 170 acres. Park building located in Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long Shan mountain valley. Mountains to the aquarium, Ocean Theatre, Long Beach Museum, rides based. Yamashita there are water parks, garden theater, museum and modeled on ancient artifacts goldfish built Middle Kingdom, imitation Chinese palace architecture, the village has pavilions, temples streetscape, reflecting Chinese historical features, making the ancient Chinese street reproduce and folk Performing Arts. By the central government pandas An An and Jia Jia donated by the majority of the public. 2007 10th Anniversary of the Central Government pandas Ying Ying and Le Le, open to visitors on the day of the return visit. Contacts in the park over the country, a mere overhead crane or escalators. " Mine Train " and " Amazing Journey ", the people feel crazy, exciting side. " Amazing Journey " will send you 60 meters altitude (height equivalent to twenty storeys), After a short stay in the moment, then quickly slipped the ground for 40 seconds to give you an unprecedented psychological challenges.

Ocean Park is divided into two parts: the lowlands and highlands. Both connect to the cable car, there are cable cars 250 per hour one way to pick up 5,000 people. The whole journey up to 1.4 km cable car, sit through the whole journey takes about six minutes. On the cable car, visitors overlooking Deep Water Bay and Aberdeen from the air, overlooking the pleasant scenery. In addition to the cable car ride outside, another way to Highlands from the Tai Shue Wan entrance, take the world's second longest outdoor covered escalator into the highlands. This elevator climbing 225 meters long and can carry 4,000 people per hour in 30 -degree slope and down. Apart from acrophobia believe people taking this elevator, it is definitely a fun and exciting program.

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