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Home >> Lamma Island travel information and tour

Lamma Island

Lamma IslandLamma Island in Hong Kong in the south, an area of about 14 square kilometers, most of the residents living in the north of the island's relatively flat terrain, can be used as farmland Yung Shue Wan area. From Hong Kong Island by boat in the past, only 30 minutes to reach the island 's two ports Sok Kwu Wan and Yung Shue Wan.

Lamma Island has been a quiet and peaceful, so after the sixties and seventies has attracted many young people and expatriates to Yung Shue Wan area inhabited, the street also opened a number of Western-style restaurants and pubs, filled with an exotic romantic, the most famous bar Wanda Lama, which is the opposite and next to the most famous Hong Kong style cafes multi meet cafes and English mind. In addition to international cuisine gathered outside, walk along the Yung Shue Wan Road, along the way are charming little shops, selling arts and crafts, green living products are sold, there are all kinds of homemade cookies for sale, the people here are like the West 60s Like hippies love simple and natural life, and care about the unique quality of life.

Lamma early human beings have inhabited in the Neolithic period here. Since ancient times, fishing is the main livelihood islanders. Today, islanders had not just aboriginal native of the island's more than ten thousand residents, expatriates accounted for almost half. Attract them is this beautiful setting on the island, mountain, tree, bamboo, villages, and of course the beaches around the island, Hong Kong tour to all this constitutes a paradise mood. Relative to the hustle and bustle of downtown Hong Kong Island, the Lamma Island still has a kind of rustic tranquility. More and more foreigners working in Hong Kong to Lamma Island settlers, they brought cafes and bars ocean, it also brings bikini and all kinds of foreign stuff. Lamma island became a European style of Hong Kong, which attracted a lot more exotic young Chinese modernist, these advocates of freedom Bobos Young and make the island becomes quite some artistic breath.

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