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Home >> Sun Island Scenic Area tour guide

Sun Island Scenic Area

Sun Island Scenic AreaSun Island Scenic Area is located in the Songhua River in Harbin, and the bustling city across the water, is a famous summer resort, is a river floodplain wetland prairie scenic area. Sun Island surrounded by water, charming, with a simple, rugged, natural wilderness scenery without decorative features. Here 's a very obvious change in season like spring flowers are blooming, fragrant grass, leafy surplus branches, birds chirp, buzz water, springs, waterfalls, constitute a 000 Su Ju sing, flowers surplus wild scene, with full Spring garden extra duty of sense; summer, Liulv bonuses, lush scent the air, clear water and white sand, Jiang Tao hills, full of tourists; during the autumn, the red cedar green, gold leaf complex path, Nopo yellow, storied dye, spirits landing a tour, then like a stroll in the colorful fairyland; winter, snow Qing Wu, Yushu honeysuckle, snow, constitute a unique northern landscape picture, known as Northland scenery race South reputation. Sun Island International Snow Sculpture annual Art Fair, as an important part Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival has long been famous, Snow, Green, Red, zero under boiling That poetic mood, allowing you to enjoy the experience of playing ice Lane snow fun.

Sun Island abnormal beautiful natural scenery for Harbin tour. Island surrounded by clear water, amidst glittering, flowers and verdant, quiet and elegant, rustic rich, pristine rugged wilderness scenery. In summer, the beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, resort on the west side, competition put flowers, green ground cover; sun lake, gorgeous lotus, CanYunxia; over the island green flowers, surrounded by white sand ripples on the island pine, camphor child pine, larch, spruce, poplar, willow, elm, linden and lilac, roses, 300,000 trees and shrubs, trees Zheng-rong, shade Zade. In winter, snow Man ice, snow, Northland scenery, lovely looking.

Sun Island and nearby islands and shoals formed the Sun Island Scenic Area, is touring and summer resort. The island has a pavilion sky, crane group, mother deer, Long Beach willow more than 20 scenic spots, sun mountain resort built, Sun Lake, Lotus Lake, sister bridge, pavilion bridge, white bridge, the bridge on the dock, sky pavilion, children's playground, lilac garden, flower garden, Sun Island Zhi Shi, JJ promenade along the lines, and dozens of scenic landscape features, constitutes a Lake matched, springs, waterfalls, bridges Ying Liu Ting, Lotus Diving the beautiful scenery, to the people adds unlimited reverie.

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