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Home >> Ice and Snow World travel guide and tours

Ice and Snow World

Ice and Snow WorldHarbin Ice and Snow World was founded in 1999 by the Harbin municipal government to meet the Millennium celebrations Divine century outings, give full play to the advantages of Harbin ice time and space, and further use of generous, architecture, pattern, while the grand launch of an unprecedented scale large snow art quality engineering - Harbin ice and Snow World, showing the world the northern city of Harbin ice and snow tourism culture unique charm.

Overall planning in the Park "Golden Age of China, Longjiang off " as the theme, divided off Longjiang, western sights, flourishing China, southern Spring Green, hustle and bustle, fun nights six major scenic spots, set sights, landscapes and events 2000 remainder. Its magnificent grand scene, modeling Majestic, exquisite and beautiful scenery, like a large picture of the ice epic show in the world.

China Harbin tours to Ice and Snow World is "ice city" to create the essence of Harbin ice and snow art collection in the world, the culmination of melting ice and snow entertainment landscape, known as the world's largest and most artistic landscape of ice and snow, snow entertainment most complete, the most beautiful scenery at night activities most exciting snow tourism projects.

In the annual session of the Ice and Snow World, you will watch the world's highest, most beautiful, most majestic, snow most attractive spectacle. You will experience the ice bar, ice hotel, snow ring games, treasure hunt maze, rock climbing, snow golf, snow football and other activities and a variety of ice more than 30 cultural and recreational activities to bring fun to make your linger, allowing you into the kaleidoscope, bright lighting spectacular beauty of the night, allowing you to walk seems like a fairyland.

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