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Home >> Judea New Hall tourist information

Judea New Hall

Judea New HallHarbin new jewish synagogue - Judea New Hall, located in daoli district jinwei street, number 162. Judea New Hall is called the new synagogue, is relatively tongjiang street jewish center for the old hall. The new synagogue Hebrew says "don't, in accordance with JiaMaiEr DE ROM assorted", it is Judaism, west Germany church hall.

The Judea New Hall church was a masonry structure, built in 1918. The Jewish New Hall was designed by the famous Jewish architect Joseph Levy, Yuri Ye Weiqi gold.

The entire construction of the new synagogue was a square, China Harbin tour to a three-door at the main entrance, the center spire coupons frame on four pillars, the formation of the triple coupons porch with Arab architectural style. The facade used interchangeably in the construction of brick and stone, the formation of the red and white with ornaments. The roof covering a huge drum seat double the center dome, the top stands a Star of David. The Star of David is also known as the large satellite, the Jewish construction typical ornaments.

David was the second king of Israel, juvenile heroic unarmed had killed the lion and the bear of the title to go a sheep. David Junior, Phyllis massive attack on Israel. The Phyllis Yong Greenwood Elijah Jiaozhen Israeli unmanned dare stepped forward to meet the challenge. Happens to be the shepherd David to visit his brother into the military, he was not afraid of a strong enemy, volunteered to fight the giant Anglia, kill a giant trebuchet stunt Guelha forcing Phyllis people defeat. Many artists Junior David heroic theme of creation, creation of the Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo's "David", the performance is the story. David became the spiritual leader of the Israelites, after following Saul the king of Israel. As early as the 10th century BC, David unified the tribes to Metro City in Jerusalem.

Legend, the Fengyun Star of David is the star symbol of King David was born, therefore is teeth St. Dominic. King David have side protection shield, is the Fengyun hexagonal shape, it was also called the Shield of David. Today in Jewish culture, especially in occult Star of David was used in astrology, is an important symbol. After the French Revolution, with the liberation of the Jews, they select a large satellite as their representatives, such as the Cross Christian representatives. Large satellite today on the Israeli flag.

Judaism for Jews, has gone beyond the religious significance, is the spiritual bond and bridge, will be closely linked with the Jews scattered around the world, become a cohesive force Jewish nation. Jews came to Harbin, also brought their religious beliefs. As early as in 1908, Harbin Judaism, Hasidic sects hang lots Street §± ¡¤ §® ¡¤ Conn home run from their own "secret Lennon" (small-scale family prayer by). The Hasidic sects rise of new sects of Judaism internal. "Hasidic" translated into Chinese as "devout", they advocate spontaneous prayer and enjoy life, attention to the inner piety practice.

Hindus prayer no fixed abode at a few of the address. The Religious Association agreed in 1916 to build a new synagogue. 1917 Fayinlande and Choch Love gold twill Avenue (today Jingwei Street) to No. sell to the religious Society of New Hall address on the election in there.

September 21, 1918, held a grand groundbreaking ceremony. September 25, 1921, the completion of the new synagogue was inaugurated, of Harbin Second Judaism will, is also China's northeast region's largest synagogue. New Hall homeowners, 1233.60 square meters estate 1296.75 square meters, can accommodate 800 people at the same church.

Harbin after the liberation, the Jewish diaspora in around 1950, after another exit. Jewish new synagogue was closed in 1956, the original site once the Municipal Public Security Bureau Club Guest House. Restored in 2004, this turned into a "the Harbin Jewish history Heritage Museum.

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