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Home >> Central Avenue Pedestrian Street travel information and tour

Central Avenue Pedestrian Street

Central Avenue Pedestrian StreetCentral Avenue was founded in 1898, initially called " Chinese Street." 1925 was renamed the " Central Avenue ", after the development of the city's most bustling commercial street, followed so far. She Songhua River Flood Control Monument north, south Jingwei Street, extend the total length of 1450 meters, width 21.34 m. Dealers ashlar which is 10.8 meters wide road. The whole street was built imitation of European and European-style building 71, and a collection of Renaissance, Baroque, eclectic and modern buildings 13 to protect a variety of styles. A small street, the history of Western architecture encompasses the four most influential schools of architecture, encompasses the most attractive in Europe nearly 300 years of history and cultural development, Harbin tour which encompasses a long and deep history of the art of architecture Bo mostly show pose, as the world's rare.

1986 Harbin City People's Government is determined to protect the Central Avenue building streets. August 1996, the municipal government decided to transform it into a pedestrian street. Central Avenue reconstruction after comprehensive renovation which lasted ten months, on June 1, 1997 officially opened, is currently the largest of Asia's longest pedestrian street. Beautiful pedestrian street built environment, orderly. Her its unique European architecture, row upon row of quality commercial, leisure and residential flowers and colorful cultural life, Harbin City, a beautiful landscape. Harbin Central Avenue is a modern, historical, interwoven point of civilization, is the pride of the people of Harbin. Street interpretation of the history of civilization of a city, a city because of the prosperity of a street and famous the world over.

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