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Home >> Harbin Amusement Park sightseeing tours

Harbin Amusement Park

Harbin Amusement ParkAmusement Park is located in Nangang District, Harbin Dong Da Zhi on the 1st, was founded in 1958, formerly known as Harbin Cultural Park, July 1993. Harbin City People's Government approved renamed Harbin Amusement Park for the county (group ) level units. Covers an area of ??22.8 hectares, Heilongjiang Province, the largest modern outdoor amusement park, amusement park in the country's 12 large columns in ranked No. 6.

Harbin Amusement Park existing large, medium, small, modern recreational facilities more than 40, 103 units (sets), with a new strange known. Among them, the sixth highest in the world, China's first high giant Ferris wheel, a height of 110 meters. Ride the Ferris wheel climb afar, can be Oriental Paris beautiful panoramic view. Four items from abroad: tricyclic atomic block pulling off 24 meters, rapid dive loop, spiral roll, memorable. Brave wheel allows you to hover at high altitude, the play gripped; Arab flying carpet after rising 6.5 m, parallel 360-degree loop; Crazy Train in three-dimensional flip in order to bring you tremendous excitement. Super spaceship tour takes you to the universe about it, Liu Yong Jin, the canoe is like walking in the rough sea, shaking his head flying chairs allows you to fly in the air, Charlie space vehicles will take you into space, bumper cars, gasoline car, high-altitude bicycle, luxury turn horse, Corsair and other Harbin trip recreational facilities to make you linger.

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