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Home >> West Lake, Hangzhou travel guide & tour

West Lake

West Lake HangzhouWest yearning for a long time to go before a mention tourism, blurted out that Hangzhou is the West Lake in Hangzhou will go. A paradise under Jervois Well, has the impression of Jiangnan is picturesque, Wu soft dialect.

Next stop not far from the lake, one hundred meters or so. Lakeside Indus Willow Grove stand, white flowers with no skin, and people had vitiligo almost, very thick trunk, think some history, stone cement corridor, tourists, West stood back a variety of POSE. Eyes from the West Lake, but see a wide surface, clear water Ying days, ask breeze, light ripples, painted boat cruise on the lake or acute or slow coming and going. We southward along the lake, a time when the lake fountain eruption rhythmically with the music, the mood Dayton is open, the West Lake, we finally came.

Swim to the locals called the leader of a pavilion River, an aunt stopped us and asked me to help their sisters posed for a few people taking pictures, I readily agreed, according to the two, aunt enthusiasm they also want to beat us Chang, Ko did not hear clicking sound, glancing back to see the pattern, no photos, they also guide a bit, gracefully ready to be shot, an aunt suddenly ordered a halt, she is found in the skin The neck skin is not too bald decorated, warm and put off their help Pippi put on a necklace, and finally you're done, let the passion Westlake newcomer was very touched.

The pier at the lake we got a boat to sail river island, the Pagoda tower did not bust in green among the mountains, only to reveal golden ground tower, dazzling, long Sudi weeping willows, sitting in the stern , watching the waves roll back the water, there is a feeling, like a layer by layer in the tear Lake veil, but also like the Lake inch by inch arms. China Hangzhou tours to West Lake Yeongju on small island overlooking the world famous name to view three of the three altar altar Moon during the day may not see the three natural altar Moon, had their own imagine myself. Island along twisting paths seven eight Shui, and finally saw a calm water, the long lost people moving calm, no wind, no waves, the water still seems like a painting in general, distant pavilion trees reflected in the water, the United States to breathtaking.

Jiang Xinying boat ride from the island state to the Bai Causeway, Broken Bridge, Sir Georg Solti panoramic view. West Lake scenery is quiet, ancient love story is moving, static as the lake, people open heart calm, beautiful love story made lake more flavor, more humanistic, knowing that it is a myth, it was also true, as I believe it The existed.

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