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Home >> Song Dynasty City tour information

Song Dynasty City

Song Dynasty CityHangzhou Song Dynasty scenic West Lake Scenic Area is located in the southwest, north five Yunshan, south of Qiantang River, is China's largest Song cultural theme park in the world by the Hangzhou City Properties Limited investment in the Song Dynasty City.

Song Dynasty (AD 960-1270 nine) is China's feudal dynasties mature society, its economic, technological and cultural development at the time the world leader. Song Song Dynasty City is reflected in the cultural connotation of the first theme park in Hangzhou, which is divided into :( Riverside) reproduction, Kowloon plaza area, Song Dynasty City plaza area, mountains Joan Tower District, Garden District and other parts of the Southern Song Dynasty style.

Song Dynasty City culture in the West Lake is a natural fusion, but also to Hangzhou Song cultural tourism has been positioned. Song Dynasty City scenic construction use of realism, romanticism gardening practices, combining functionalism, from history, higher than the historical, based on an outstanding painter zhangzeduan's Song (Riverside) picture, strictly in accordance with law to create a Song workers reproduce Song bustling city scene. In the landscape to create a hierarchical, charm, rhythm, there is a deep sense of history of space travel.

Culture is the soul of Song Dynasty City, it is the performance of the natural beauty of the landscape, landscape architecture, beauty, beauty of folk customs, social and human beauty, Hangzhou trips made their art and culture to explore the beauty. It blurs the concept of time and space, to shorten the distance of time and space. Song Dynasty City a recall and express our ancient Chinese culture, it should be an entertaining history of the city.

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