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Home >> Hangzhou Paradise travel information and tour

Hangzhou Paradise

Hangzhou ParadiseHangzhou Paradise is one of China 's largest tourism, leisure, entertainment, vacations, living as one of the major tourist resort. Lake, mountains, green, bend, sails, beach, embodies the fusion of man and nature. With a prominent theme, rain or shine Safe, young and old with music for the design, by the Mayan tribes, Adventure Island, lost jungle, features the fairy kingdom, Hangzhou Paradise water park, the ancient Yue, Wu Yue eternal love Grand Theatre, Hangzhou Paradise Eco- Park block composition, have suspended roller coaster, the rain god 's hammer, Aeolus hand, Raytheon roar across the sky and dozens of top-level play.

Hangzhou tour to Paradise activities continue throughout the year, the spring carnival, summer leisure festival, Halloween autumn, winter festival, the four themed events, colorful, 365 days a year, every day like a holiday. Especially in the world's first indoor live performance - Wu Yue eternal love around Hangzhou history, Wu Yue hegemony, Fan Li Shih love story of the main line, a soul-stirring interpretation of the Spring and Autumn Juelian. The period of three buried in Xiaoshan Xianghu boundless expanse of blue of Wu and Yue culture into our field of vision. It allows the introduction of a more distinctive cultural attributes of Hangzhou, Hangzhou Jiangnan Cultural fill gaps, forming a North-South summit two cultures.

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