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Home >> Lingyin Temple, Hangzhou travel guide & tour

Lingyin Temple

Lingyin Temple HangzhouEvery place seems to have a representative of the meaning of the monastery, Fuzhou Xichan, South Putuo Temple in Xiamen, Wuhan Guiyuansi, Shanghai's Jing'an Temple, Nanjing Qixia Temple, etc., and in Hangzhou, the most famous would This famous temple than the Temple of Jiangnan.

Go to Lingyin Temple, first enter klippes area, because the Lingyin Temple and the building in the foothills between the northern peak. In klippe area, can be seen everywhere and caves carved in the hillside where the Buddhist statues, mostly the Five Dynasties, Song and Yuan dynasties, dating is very old, but kept fairly intact. Statues of various shapes, lifelike, hidden in the rock and trees among the gods like Buddha looming occult here, it is fitting "Lingyin" name. Coupled with the unique shape here, and even some strange rocks, everywhere up to several hundred thousand years old old trees, lush foliage lush, even more mysterious and quiet here.

Klippes scenic walk, you can reach the famous Temple of the legend. In fact, in many parts of the country visited the temple, that in the structure and set up basically are similar, this also due to Chinese Buddhist tradition and origin. Main Hall, King Hall, Rohan, pharmacists temple ...... these halls seem to have seen in other monasteries. However, came to a place like this, is not entirely in order to see the scenery. The so-called Xianfo they worshiped, no matter where they go to see the Buddha will go to make a wish pious knock heads has become my habit, come here, Hangzhou tour to Lingyin Temple more or out of admiration and Buddhism on the future expectations of a better life.

Today, based on the reconstruction of the Temple it gradually repair the Qing Dynasty to build, so many temples including Buddha statues and other interior looks relatively new and intact. Fairly large scale of the temple, which the house is relatively complete. I heard that during the festival, where tens of thousands of Hangzhou citizens will gather to come here to worship, praying for the welfare and well-being of the coming year. In fact, it goes without saying that the New Year's time, even if it is low season for tourism in this tourist city of Hangzhou, Lingyin such iconic attractions, every day there are many tourists come here to worship, incense throughout the year will be very strong.

Perhaps you do not feel like temple is wonderful, but came to Hangzhou, always feel Lingyin Temple worship is sure to come, and who told a fairy live here too!

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