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Home >> Wugong Temple travel guide and tours

Wugong Temple

Wugong TempleIn Nansi Shanghai ancient poetry, the public must go five words. The temple is located in Haikou City and Qiongshan the border, from five public word, Su Gong feeding and watching Jia Tong, nursery school hall, five male Vihara, Joan Park constitute a group of ancient buildings, people are learning to Wugong Temple collectively. There are the first floor of Hainan reputation, Haikou City, one of the famous Holy Temple Diecai here. This piece of garden-style structure was built in the Ming Dynasty buildings (1573-1619 years), gradually built to the beginning of this century.

Here exotic flowers and trees shade pavilion, Haikou trip land near downtown, a unique quiet. The temple is in honor of the Tang and Song Dynasties banished to Hainan Island, five famous historical figures: relative ranking positions Tang name, Song name Li Gang, Li, Zhao Ding, Ming Chen Quan was built, named Wugong Temple. Construction area of 2,800 square meters, along with gardens, well spring, pond or about 100 acres of land. Before the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Guangxu fifteen years (1889) rebuilt, after repeated repairs, are still shine. It has been over a hundred years. This is a carefully constructed over the Red House and other wood, ten meters tall, the upper and lower floor, roof style tip save corners, Suwat red auxiliary, the oldest building in Hainan, it said the first floor of Hainan. With the surrounding greenery Grateloupia with brilliant shine, it is particularly solemn.

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