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Home >> Holiday Beach Water World travel information and tours

Holiday Beach Water World

Holiday Beach Water WorldHaikou is located in the western Qingling Avenue, left along the lush casuarina forest, during strewn resorts, hotels, playgrounds, etc.; Bibo million items and right along the Qiongzhou Strait, Hainan shuttle boats, plows silver splash jade. A total length of 6000 meters beach. Here the sun, sea, sand, palm side by side to form a beautiful natural screen. Holiday Beach beach day into the bath area, water sports, marine food culture and relaxing resort, has a musical fountain plaza, beach, beverage center, red bath room, eco plaza, parking, ice rink, Water World, butterfly Kingdom, cactus Grand View Garden, children's activity center, as well as skiing, windsurfing and surfing and other water sports as well as recreational beach volleyball, roller skating and other sports activities.

Built in the holiday beach water world by the Water Performance Hall, leisure park, sea club team faces, unique architectural style of ancient Rome Water Performance Hall, Haikou tour invited European and American elite perennial water ballet performances, high diving, land Dance, exquisite yet thrilling, exciting entertainment projects, so full of praise for foreign tourists. Haikou is a public leisure travelers and place, but also as a coastal tourist city of Haikou City, the most representative of seaside tourist resort.

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