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Home >> Arcade Old Street travel information and tour

Arcade Old Street

Arcade Old StreetHaikou Arcade Old Street are mainly located in the urban areas victory Sand Road, Xinhua South Road, Zhongshan Road, Pok Oi Road and Jiefang area, streets are lined with nearly a hundred years of history is full of the Nanyang construction style arcade. Old Street arcade was built mostly overseas Chinese returned from Southeast Asia in the last century started Pipi. Mottled antique arcade appearance at first glance, to appreciate those buildings are mostly covered with elegant and meticulous sculpture and Yangpaihe of decorative, China tour of Haikou it is some taste of baroque. Arcade floors are not too high, the majority of two three-story, some still preserved earlier trade names, and beautifully carved. Lean on a railing, doors, windows, etc. Then sit in front of one of the stalls arcade in front of a are mostly skinny lady and a middle-aged sister.

30s of last century, Haikou, 35 industries have 572 shops, such as "beam safety in mind", "cloud Asahi mind," Far Eastern companies and Guangde Church "and so on. The famous inn or entertainment five-storey building, "Asian Inn", "Thai Cosmos" and so on. Many large firm in the arcade Old Street, expand business war without gunpowder. In 1931, victorious sand street "the Haikou Tower" (commonly known as "the five-storey building) built before the founding of Haikou City, the highest building. Arcade lined with an endless stream of merchants, fireworks dense ", was a true portrayal of Haikou flourishing scene.

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