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Home >> Shitouji Mineral Park travel guide and tours

Shitouji Mineral Park

Shitouji Mineral ParkDo you know how the hundreds of millions of years ago, the wood becomes agate it? Have you ever seen the world's largest crystal ship it? There are a lot of people hold no less than the glowing pearl, the legendary singing Ling Bi stone-paved promenade with Amber ...... Shitouji Mineral Park 11 for you rendered.

Shitouji Mineral Park is located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Huadu Jewelry city, the park covers an area of 70 acres, the main building area of 17,777 square meters. Mineral Park is rocks, fossils, precious stones as the theme park, as one set of science, education, shopping, leisure and tourism, mineral world's first theme park concept built, and the zoo, botanical gardens contrast, unique, side by side.

Mineral Park building style is simple, fresh and generous layout Lichtung, escape the impression of a traditional Chinese garden. Main sector buildings, basement, including the auditorium, the Biodome, stone Chanshi, the ancient fossils Hall and rocks mineral museum, on the ground first floor for gem museum, the story of Crystal, Crystal temple, Magic Stone and themes The Fantasy Crystal mall, on the ground floor for the restaurant. Tourists First movie to understand the story of the stone in the auditorium through; then enter the Biodome feel a variety of ores formed in the environment of sound, light, electricity and other modern means of science and technology to create wonderful process. Rocks gallery will showcase the odd gem stone from around the world, gems Hall will make your eye shine, the Crystal story lead you fugue past and the present, and an eye-opener to penetrate the mysteries of the planet, the theme malls prepared Jewelry City all manufacturers products, Guangzhou tours allowing visitors to enjoy happy shopping wit origin. Crystal Dreams restaurant red wine, coffee, drinks, and authentic cuisine to tourists, its unique atmosphere of crystal elements, full of mystery, surely will give visitors an unforgettable experience, business communication, portrait of a good place for a date. Standing in front of the fan-shaped buildings with a 91 diameter 100 cm stone ball built by piling the pyramid, the extraordinary momentum, symbolizing Jiujiuguiyi leads to eternal. Revolves around the the stone balls pyramid concentric circles pond Shitouji concentric circles dream of happiness dating. This part of the building will become the focus of the inspiration for the entire Mineral Park.

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