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Home >> Chimelong Paradise travel guide and tours

Chimelong Paradise

Chimelong ParadiseChimelong located in Guangzhou Panyu Yingbin Road, the first phase covers an area of 1,000 acres, nearly 70 rides. Joy to the world the introduction of Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, the United States the world's leading amusement equipment company's equipment, including : vertical roller coaster, ten ring roller coaster, motorized roller coaster, U-shaped skyscraper skateboarding and super waterwheel wars and so on.

Chimelong hosted by internationally renowned design agency theme park master plan, play equipment are imported from Europe, original, design and technology to maintain its leading international standards. And created the most in Asia and eight in the world, to make or break the world record for the most number association records in the world. Vertical roller coaster known as the king of the world's best roller coaster, is Chimelong 2008 Spring introduction of the latest flagship project, the world's most famous roller coaster manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard development, and manufacturing company, is the world 's top roller coasters and amusement facilities. Ten ring roller coaster won the Guinness World Records, the world's second (only one in the UK), Asia was first introduced by the world's leading provider of Intamin play equipment design and manufacturing company, creating the largest amusement device rings Guinness World Records. Eastern Hemisphere 's first motorized roller coaster is its 0-80 km in just 2.8 seconds catapult -style, with speed comparable to F1 racing, and Guangzhou tours get the world's amusement Industry Association Annual Design Award. U-shaped slide is the world's largest and Asia 's first 30 -meter-high giant skateboard, the rapid decline in the rapid rotation of double experience, is one of the most exciting amusement park equipment.

Super pendulum is the world's latest and most dazzling of large motor play equipment, imported from the original German HUSS company, known as the world's largest pendulum top speed of 110 km / h, the maximum swing of 240 degrees, with your fly 42 meters altitude between dizzy, a dazzling ecstatic, thrilling. The world's largest land and air effects Theater - International Stunt theater, is now staged a Panic Island by the world's top producer throughout the stunt director, internationally renowned portrait staged stunt master, combined blast, shooting, fireworks, sound and light, mobile devices, water skiing, aerial stunts and other cutting-edge special effects, surprise, fantastic, a true representation of Hollywood action blockbusters. Asia's largest four-dimensional cinema, is now staged a Happy Feet by the world's most advanced three-dimensional digital video technology new creation, integration of nine seats effects and a number of the world's top special effects, world-class four-dimensional film team carefully crafted, long-long exclusive build, exciting global exclusive. Known as the King of the World Water amusement, ages super water war is first introduced in Asia.

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