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Home >> Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area sightseeing guide

Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area

Baiyun Mountain Scenic AreaBaiyun Mountain is the new Yangcheng Eight first. It is located in the northeast of Guangzhou, one of the Guangdong famous since ancient times, Yangcheng first show, said. Overlapping peaks and ridges, streams aspect, overlooking the city can climb, overlooking the Pearl River. Whenever sunny or late spring rain, clouds shrouded the mountains, spectacular, thus the name of Baiyun Mountain come. Every Hong Chung Yeung Festival holiday, but also to the people of Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain board for pleasure, then, young and old, people bustling Guangzhou lively scene constitutes a unique painting style.

China Guangzhou tour to Baiyun Mountain is rich in natural resources. According to the determination, Baiyun Mountain air quality has reached the national standard, the noise quality of national o class standards, surface water quality to meet international requirements. Some mountain water, spring water and even drinkable.

Baiyun Mountain has a very strong cultural precipitation, dating back to mountain of North Huangpojing Neolithic cave prehistoric cultural sites; the late Qin Zheng Ann Goldsmith lived in Baiyun Mountain of herbs save the world, and in the Baiyun Mountain immortal away; Jiangsu Jin Dynasty who worked in Baiyun Mountain alchemy Ge Hong, author of Bao Pu This Taoist masterpiece; Southern Liang Shijing Thai monk to this temple is the oldest temple of Baiyun Mountain, also left Jingtai monk return a King, is the old Guangzhou one of Eight. Tang and Song, one after another Du, Li Qun Yu, Su Shi, Han Yu and other famous writers mountaineering poems, their poetry Emotion in the matter, Lingnan valuable historical spiritual wealth.

Now, the Baiyun Mountain Line tour, along the winding road and the twists and turns, direct access to the Peak Park and the first days of the South Peak, the mountain is also a cableway. There are all kinds of mountain style restaurant and various service facilities, as well as easy for people to picnic stove and grilling, has become the country's famous tourist attraction. Baiyun mountains are alpine Skiing, 1400 m slide, triangle hang gliding and other sports entertainment.

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