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Home >> Emei Mountain travel guide and tour

Emei Mountain

Emei MountainIn the fertile plain, Mount Emei turned out, pulling in three thousand meters, one of great momentum, the leading independent peaks, mountains of China leader. It absorbs the essence of heaven and earth, nature of the great, from low to high mountains, can find the earth's geological evolution of nine main course, vegetation in the laws of life under the guidance of the orderly divided into four natural zones, and lovely fairies are playful jumping to the landscape, form a beautiful scenery the Chinese first hill, is fully deserve.

Mount Emei is located in Sichuan China Mount Emei City, Emei tour scenic area of 154 square kilometers, is the highest peak in the top 3099 meters above sea level to poke. The steep terrain, scenery, " show the world" reputation. Climate diversity, vegetation is rich, a total of more than 3000 species of plants, including the world's rare species. The mountain along with more groups, often in visitors to beg, wins for the Emei one big characteristic. It is one of the four great Buddhist mountains of China, there are about 26 temples, it has eight temples, Buddhist frequently. In December 6, 1996, Mount Emei Leshan Giant Buddha as cultural and natural heritage was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Mount Emei scenic area includes a large Mindanao, two e, three, four, four mountain high. Large asan as Mount Emei's peak, often said that Mount Emei is a big mountain. Big Mindanao, two e two mountains, from afar, Shuangfeng misty, like thrush, this steep, born of the majestic, the Tang Dynasty poet Li Baifa " Emei up days ", " Shu many mountains, Emei Miao difficult horse " of praise. Emei New Views: Golden Buddha, Buddha ancestor, Xiaoping love, unvoiced Pinghu, valley, monkey first Sanjeong, cliff stone, show a waterfall, Yingbin beach, mountain starting point. On the golden gaze far into the distance, wide vision very, very magnificent scenery. Sunrise, sea of clouds, Buddha, sunset, people feel fresh; West gaze afar snow-capped mountains, mount Gongga, Wawushan mountain road, even the sky; poke top, the billow, magnificent; North at Barry Hirakawa, such as shop in Fairview, Dadu River, Qingyi River panoramic view. In Emei mountain top, there is a " list of small hills, " sighs.

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