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Home >> Mogao Grottoes travel guide and tours

Mogao Grottoes

Mogao GrottoesMogao Grottoes, also known as Thousand Buddha Caves, located 25 kilometers southeast of Dunhuang City, on the eastern foot of Mingsha cliff, is one of the artistic treasures of the three grottoes in China. Cave before cutting to the Former Qin Jian-yuan two years (366 AD), through generation after Upgrading, this deposit cave 492, colorful murals 45,000 square meters statue 2415, is China's existing grotto art treasure-house of the largest and most comprehensive of Dunhuang tours. 1987 has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mogao Grottoes art features mainly on the combination of architecture, statues and murals of the three. Formed into meditation cave-shaped cave, cave halls, Tamiao Cave, Cave dome roof, shadow caves and other shapes; cyclotomic colorful plastic, floating plastic, plastic film, plastic, etc. good karma; Zunxiang category mural painting, by the change painting, story painting, painting Buddhist historical sites, architectural drawing, painting, dependent paintings, animal paintings, decorative painting, such as different content, the system reflects the sixteen States, Northern Wei, Western Wei, Northern Zhou, Sui, Tang, Five Dynasties, Song, Western Xia, Yuan more than other 10 dynasties and various aspects of the East-West cultural exchange, rare cultural treasures of mankind.

Mogao Grottoes is a veritable treasure trove of artifacts. Library Cave had unearthed in the scriptures, documents, embroidery, portraits of more than 50,000 pieces, high artistic value, but unfortunately due to the Mogao Grottoes Taoist Wang was presided ignorance almost all these treasures stolen abroad . Now Mogao Sanweishan opposite hill, by the construction of the Dunhuang Academy in Dunhuang art exhibition center, some imitation of the original big cave, so visitors more colorful viewing content in the Mogao Grottoes.

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