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Home >> Dunhuang Ancient City sightseeing tour

Dunhuang Ancient City

Dunhuang Ancient CityAka Font sandbar City, Dunhuang Film City in 1987 as a Sino-Japanese co-production of large historical feature film Dunhuang, to the Song painting is modeled, modeled on ancient sand states, funded by the Japanese side, with reference to China ancient architecture designed and built with the cultural landscape of film base. Construction area of 12,700 square meters, is located in the south Gobi desert in Dunhuang City to the sun off the highway, 25 km from the city center.

The ancient city of Dunhuang Western folk in one financial years, the city opened the east, west, south three, tower tall ; city of Gao, Dunhuang tour to Ganzhou, Kaifeng five Xingqing and the composition of the Northern Song Dynasty main street, dotted with different geographical Guojielou, Buddhist temple, pawn shops, warehouses, silk shops, taverns, restaurants, housing, etc., as the shot with props, background mutually complementary. Reproduction of the ancient city of Dunhuang northwestern city Inclination majestic, known as architectural art museum in western China, have taken advantage of a unique piece of ancient western military frontier country, has now become the largest in western China film base. In addition to Dunhuang chip, has taken over here, Gods, Once Upon anger Swordsman, New Dragon Inn, Dunhuang Arabian Nights, Prince of sand states, Mirage and so on multiple foreign film and television productions.

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