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Home >> Yungang Grottoes tour information

Yungang Grottoes

Yungang GrottoesThe western suburbs of Datong Yungang Grottoes in Shanxi Province, Wu Zhou Shan North Cliff, mountain caves dug, something stretches 1000 meters, the existing 45 major caves, size Kukan 252, more than 51,000 stone statues footer, is the largest ancient grotto one of the group. According to historical records, the Northern Wei Peace years (AD 460 years to 465 years) consists of a famous monk Tan Yao hosted in the capital (pyongsong, now Datong) western suburbs Wu Zhou plug, dug grottoes five, existing Yungang Cave 16 to 20 caves, that was the first cut of the so-called " Tan Yao five cave." Other major caves, they are mostly completed in eighteen years of Northern Wei Dynasty (AD 494) Xiaowen Qiandouluoyang before. Caves dating from the saved engraved and artistic style point of view, this place is magnificent works of art are essentially relics of the Northern Wei Dynasty, dating back over 1,500 years of history.

Yungang 53 existing caves, stone statues 50,001 thousand statue. Buddha highest 17 meters, the smallest only a few centimeters. Yungang Grottoes in magnificent, rich, fine carving known world. Li Tao Yuan ancient geographers describe it this way : " stone quarry mountains, because rock structure, China tours of Datong giant strong true capacity, the Bank Act thin, Church Hill Water Temple, Temple of smoke across." This was a true portrayal of spectacular caves.

Yungang grottoes carved in India absorb and learn Gandhara Buddhist art at the same time, organic blend of Chinese traditional art style, history of sculpture in the world, has a very important position. Today, it has become foreign visitors admire and aspire tourist destination Yungang Grottoes (national key cultural relics protection units) is one of China's three major caves, but also the world-famous art treasures.

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