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Home >> Kongzhong Prairie tourist guide

Kongzhong Prairie

Kongzhong PrairieKongzhong Prairie ---- tal beams, located Lingqiu Willow Branch Township Diao springs southeast border with Hebei Laiyuan, Zhangjiakou Yuxian, something long and narrow, wide north and south, there is a huge hill, 2159 meters above sea level, surrounded by steep slopes, broad flat top, an area of 3 acres, any horse galloping, any Mercedes-Benz car, originally called tal beam here, now known as the prairie sky. Habitat on it, blue canopy, cage cover fieldwork, boundless, magnanimous as a whetstone, like exposure to prairie. Summer without heat, cool climate. Summer flowers are blooming, grass green, sky blue autumn grass Pitt, mountain sheep, is a place close to nature, back to a good place for nature.

Austin beam in the tall, cool breeze blowing sea breeze spend waves, clouds ask to walk, leisurely grazing flocks of sheep, how charming a natural beauty. What is paradise, what is heaven on earth, what is a quiet, restful, enter this immense large meadow, a large garden, you will have practical experience. Exposure on it, pedal bright flowers, the hands can touch the clouds day at this time, and the integration of nature, would proudly, share intoxicated, will purify the human soul, the human mind ri Out- washing clean, China Datong tour forget all the hustle and trouble in the world, reached the realm of things I forgot.

Kongzhong grassland north and south of the points, North Prairie is located in Yuxian, a large area of over 30 square kilometers ; South Prairie is located Lingqiu Guangling junction of four counties in Shanxi Laiyuan with only 3 square kilometers. You can arrive by car north prairie grasslands ; South Prairie only to drive to the foot of the mountain, or riding up the mountain to climb. Kongzhong Prairie Of course not hanging in midair prairie, but stands tall at the top of the mountain grasslands. Say Kongzhong refers here to the average elevation of about 2000 meters, such as in the Kongzhong ; say prairie means here is a vast expanse of prairie, an area of over 30 square kilometers.

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