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Home >> Hengshan Mountain travel guide

Hengshan Mountain

Hengshan MountainHengshan, called Beiyue, and Dongyue Taishan, Huashan Mountain, Hengshan, Songshan and called the Five Sacred Mountains. Hengshan is the Haihe River and tributaries Sanggan Hutuo watershed. Hengshan, called 108 peaks, stretching 150 kilometers stuff across Shanxi, Hebei provinces. It Yanmenguan West title, east across the Taihang Mountains, south barrier Shanxi, North Kan cloud, on behalf of two states, luxuriant, lie stuffed, towering standing up, impressive.

Hengshan peak, living in Hunyuan County South, 2016.8 meters above sea level, high mountains to the saying of the crown. Hengshan in Taoism famous through the ages, in order to attract tourists odd risk. According to legend, four thousand years ago, the Emperor Shun Hunting Quartet, came Hengshan, China Datong tour see here steep mountains, Feng Qi rise steeply, then seal Hengshan is Beiyue. Qin Shi Huang, the 12 world famous towards closure, Hengshan Mountain is regarded as the second world. Historically, the Qin and Han, Tang Zong, SONG Zu, have to Hengshan patrol memorial. Later emperors, almost all poor envoy to Hengshan pilgrimage. Ancient celebrities, Bachelor, such as Li Bai, Jia Dao, Haowen, Xu, who also toured Hengshan Resort, and leave chant psalms Hengshan.

Old fruit Ridge, aunts rock, fly Grottoes, also per hole, tiger outlet, large bay etc., filled with God to make colors. Roots hanging loose, Rosie valley, well it is bitter sweet miracle of natural landscape. Bitter sweet wells in Hengshan halfway, two wells separated by one meter, water quality is different. A refreshing sweet well water, known as sweet and ; another drink well water was bitter hard. Tianshuijing depth of several feet, but do not take the room available for people to drink, Tang Dynasty, Emperor Xuanzong Li Longji had given plaque sweet well as " Longquan concept." Hengshan since ancient times " people Tianbei column, absolutely stuffed mountains," said. 1982 by the State Council announced the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units. Monastery is known as paradise on earth is known, it volley build, crossbar beams, upload cliffs, overlooking the steep ravine. In the Monastery below Yashi engraved with " spectacular". It is said that after the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai Browse mentioned.

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