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Home >> Hanging Temple travel guide

Hanging Temple

Hanging TempleLocated at the foot of Hengshan Bukak dragon gorge, about 80 kilometers away from Datong, which is one of China's Five Sacred Mountains mountains Hengshan 18 King of the most unique one scene, known Hengshan first attraction. Many of the temples in China, this is a wonderful building called Hanging Temple. General temples are built on the ground, but this is truly Hanging Temple, built on the cliffs, hanging in mid-air, its design philosophy can be described as absolutely true, its architectural art can be described as really high.

Here steep mountains on both sides of the upright hundred meters, China Datong tours as the ax sliced cliff general, Hanging Temple was built on this cliff, or on a stick like a cliff-like, really volley want to fly trend, exotic adventure , unique. From afar, I saw God floor Asgard, volley danger hanging. Zhu Dan gallery households, flying near cliff habitat, as if carved inlaid Ling rope between climbed cliffs. Visitors board, drill sunroof, wearing grotto, cross plank, step promenade, immersive wonderland. These buildings are concentrated a huge cliff recessed niches, during torrential rain, the rain of rocks protruding from the top of the head temple waterfalls, spilled into the bottom, then give this Qionglou Xiange hung glistening rows curtain, spectacular. Giving a feeling of unattainable.

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