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Home >> Laohutan Ocean Park travel guide and tour

Laohutan Ocean Park

Laohutan Ocean ParkLaohutan Ocean Park as a national 5A scenic spot, is a modern seaside playground, located in the famous Tiger Beach Scenic Area, the main display of the ocean and the North and South Polar culture. The park natural clear water and blue sky, Castle Peak rocks, creating a beautiful and charming seaside scenery, and Mutual Sankaikan, charming. Here has Asia's largest coral Museum, the world's largest, only Dalian Tiger Beach Polar Sea Animal Museum, the country's largest stocking featuring birds Tree Birds granite base of the country's largest tiger sculpture, as well as the magic Ma Si Ji, root carving art Museum and other attractions of the National Civilized.

Park clear water and blue sky, Castle Peak rocks, landscape glowed, and constitutes a beautiful seaside scenery. Asia's largest to show coral reef biota Aquarium - Coral Hall; the world's largest and only show polar marine animals and polar experience venues - Polar Museum; semi-natural state of the country's largest artificial birds the cage - Tree Birds; country's largest granite animal stone carving - sculptures and decadent tigers magic Ma Si Ji Gendiao Museum of Art and other civilized country attractions; China tours of Dalian large country's longest sea-crossing cableway; Dalian southern waters the tourist boats; special movie player places the Jurassic - four-dimensional cinema, as well as thrilling whitewater adventure, pirate ship, bungee jumping, downhill rides.

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