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Home >> Golden Pebble Beach travel guide and tour

Golden Pebble Beach

Golden Pebble BeachDalian Golden Pebble Beach is located in the northeast end of the Yellow Sea, 50 kilometers away from downtown Dalian, the land area of ??62 square kilometers of sea area of 58 square kilometers, a coastline of 30 km. Surrounded by the sea, from the eastern peninsula, the western peninsula and two open between the peninsula and beach hinterland composition. 1986 was identified as the national scenic area, in 1992 the State Council approved as a national tourist resort, in 2001 was named the first national 4A level scenic spots, in 2005 was named the Chinese National Geological Park.

Golden Pebble Beach, surrounded by the sea, cool and pleasant weather, stretches over 30 kilometers of coastline, the combination of 9-3 million years of geological wonders, was born in 600 million years ago Sinian magnificent stone landscape rock formation, known as the "coagulated animal world", "natural geological museum", the "divine sculpture park" reputation. Golden Pebble Beach scenic peninsula and central hinterland consists of two components, a world famous wax museum, Golden Pebble Beach Geological Museum, museum badges, stone garden, Wan Fuding, China martial arts, visual arts center model, Dalian Binhai National Geological Park, Dalian Golden Pebble Beach International Auto campsites, stone hunting clubs, equestrian stone base, Pebble International Convention Center, Jinshi Golf Club, Golden Bay Golf Course, epigraphy? discovery Kingdom theme park and other projects, and each style buildings and beautiful seaside tourist road , Gold Coast, natural and geographical environment for the integrated, making it not only filled with exotic, but also exudes a mysterious nature of temptation, China tour of Dalian is the ideal vacation resort.

Golden Pebble Beach Peninsula and the scenic spots in the two regions consisting of the central hinterland, the world famous wax museum, Golden Pebble Beach Geological Museum, badges museum, known as the "Northern Stone," the Stone Park, the Gold Coast, the Northeast's largest Jinshi Golf Stadium, the nation's first tourism Golden Bay Golf Course and the Chinese martial arts, visual arts center, Wan Fuding, Dalian Binhai national geological parks, stone hunting club, Dalian Golden Pebble Beach International Auto campgrounds, theme parks - stone? discovery Kingdom theme Park Plaza has been opened Kimbe.

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