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Home >> Forest Zoo travel information and tour

Forest Zoo

Forest ZooDalian Forest Zoo is located southeast of downtown Dalian, located in Dalian seaside Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area (National Scenic Area). Covers an area of 7.2 square kilometers, planning area of 180 hectares, the captive area and backyard area composition, showing more than 150 species of animals, 3000 bulls (only). Captive area mainly by functional area herbivores area, Liger Hill, primate pavilion, Bear Mountain, Asian elephant museum, the comprehensive nature reserve, park outside the park, etc; backyard area from the pedestrian area and animal stocking zone. Two parks are connected by a total length of 1200 m cableway. International environmental expert evaluation: Dalian Forest Zoo is an Let no pollution of human life in the urban environment, allow the animal to live without human interference in the natural environment of high grade zoo.

If you select a tour captive animal area, then you can free, freely wander in the embrace of nature, taking China Dalian tour enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and enjoy as the living fossil of the giant panda, pretty the golden monkey, chimpanzee Chongming, the wisdom of the Asian elephant, calm and beautiful snow leopard, greedy and naughty bear, elegant red-crowned crane, bright plumage has become noisy noisy beautiful tropical parrots, sounds mildly and Titaiqingying of leiothrix and was happy when the dialogue with you in the mynah and other animal friends along full of spiritual joy, savor the emotional changes in their emotions, perhaps, you may re-positioning between humans and animals and reasonable new relationship and coexistence mode. If you chose to go wild stocking area to visit, so you can experience wildlife up close through the glass in contact with the kind of shock.

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