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Home >> Discovery Kingdom Theme Park travel information and tour

Discovery Kingdom Theme Park

Discovery Kingdom Theme ParkDiscovery Kingdom This name is very appropriate, especially for the first time to tourists, standing promise big square look around, there's a cartoon character dressed in glamorous just took your eye, this roller coaster flip side of the vault and grab your attention; screams lead you right to go to wait and see when they came up the left side of incessant humming, everything is so fresh, and everything is worth your discovery.

Park is divided into seven topics: Discovery Place, the legendary castle, magic forest, metal factories, mysterious deserts, crazy town and the wedding hall. Park in front of the specialty shops showing rich European style, walking in a small way, they are like building blocks like glamorous appearance, people enjoyed. If we notice the name of each shop, then they will be full of new ideas that impressed. Moving into the shop look around, I feel also has English on the streets quiet rhythms and American fashion street vitality. Even if anyone, then a strong person, when into the garden, Dalian tours the mind or will wash away in a kind of last name to impulse, in front of all, people reminding us of scenes exposure Green pen fairy tale world.

Discovery Kingdom to the starting point is to find squares, it can be said is the end, because the Parks and Recreation is an annular distribution, when the second arrived in the square, it is probably time for parting. Square has done amazingly beautiful boulevards fountain, the same European style, can be spread around the cute cartoon image together a film, the protagonist of the park cool music are among them. Not far from the center of the park there is a lake, think about it, if not this lake, probably with a steel-based park will be missing a Smart and intimate bar, central lake castle, very Rowling's "Harry Potter" in the shadow of Hogwarts magic school, to see people who have kind of boating Oldenburg desires, when told it was time for the fireworks at night, in addition to regret, will look forward to the night.

Enjoy the scenery of the square enough, you have to make a Left Turn Right choice. Personal point of view, because the right side of the project that much, but more concentrated, right away, it will save queuing time point.

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