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Home >> Bingyu Valley travel guide and tours

Bingyu Valley

Bingyu ValleyDalian Bingyu tourist resort was sightseeing, excursions, leisure, vacation type as one of the mountain area. It is located in the northern mountainous area Zhuanghe Fairy Cave town, there are 240 kilometers away from Dalian city. The region's planning area of ??about 110 square kilometers, the scenic area of ??about 47 square kilometers. Longhua, the horse stopped, pod Rong three mountain shield, British satisfied, a small river valley two coiled. Here towering trees, a beautiful, like a southern landscape, known as " Little Guilin in southern Liaoning " reputation. Bingyugou Guilin landscape is different, and different from the Huangshan sea, with its unique style and charm presented in the northeast corner of southern Liaoning.

Bingyu Scenic Area, known as " southern Liaoning Guilin " reputation, renowned at home and abroad. Known as "the natural plant and animal kingdom" Liaoning Fairy Cave National Forest Park, Zhuanghe another tourist destination, with Bingyu adjacent. Here's rare beasts, plants up to a thousand, Dalian tour where more than six hundred hectares of red pine in Asia and the world are a must.

Bingyu was dubbed " Little Guilin in southern Liaoning ", " Northeast Jiuzhaigou ", " Oriental Switzerland " reputation. Bingyu both north mountain mountains bold outline of the momentum, but also exquisitely beautiful mountainous southern grace. The most famous Longhua mountainside to the number of monuments " Fairy " also called " Prajna hole" cave Wealth Buddha two incense, both temples proper way. As early as the Ming Dynasty, there were macros true Master who lived in the cave practice, said the final Yuhuachengxian, " Fairy Cave " by being named. In Bingyu numerous ravines, you can visit the main north south ditch and ditch. Yun wonderful beauty of nature as if all concentrated here. Bingyu mainly refers to water flowing through the area within the two rivers: the British satisfied River, a small tributary of the river valley river British satisfied. British satisfied River like a white ribbon, along Bingyu circled away. It is like a small yuhe stud line, wrapped around a seat Koho ??mountains. As hundreds of millions of years of erosion, Bingyu river clean as new, and the formation of a soft white sandy beaches everywhere, all over the valley of the various forms of pebbles. Bingyu mostly river rock structure, clear water clear as a mirror, fish fine stone clear in the head. Bingyu no mountain beauty, water is not America. Scenic forest coverage accounted for 90 % or more, is a national nature reserve and national forest parks, AAAA -class tourist scenic country. Forests throughout the mountains, clouds, lush, is a large natural botanical garden. There must Forest animals have more than 200 kinds of vertebrates. There are roe deer, badger, wild boar, mountain rabbits, squirrels, otters, etc.. Visitors can even see them through the mountains of flexible figure, of course, here is the absolute prohibition on hunting.

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