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Home >> Sinkhole Third Bridge travel guide

Sinkhole Third Bridge

Sinkhole Third BridgeWulong County, 20 kilometers southeast sinkhole Bridge is located in Chongqing, Wulong Fairy Hill speed cement to the United States marked the roadside, away from the southern prairie fairy mountain about 15 km, only 30 km away from the best in the world Furong Cave, is the rare geological wonders of eco- tourism. Tour route from the bottom of the cliff to within 5 miles of scenic spots to Dragon Bridge, Tsing Lung Bridge, Black Dragon Bridge born three large -scale, gas heat amazed majestic stone arch bridge in the world, the average height of 200 meters above the Bridge, bridge wide about 100 meters, within a range of just 1.2 kilometers from there it is such a huge three TSQ domestic rare.

Scenic Linsen wood show, Chui Ling Qing Feng, towering cliffs, steeply Chihiro, grassy, swaying bamboos, waterfalls flowing with one magnificent, vigorous, mysterious, quiet secluded pristine natural landscape, with mountains, water, waterfall, Gap, bridge together constitute a perfect natural landscape painting, where natural Bridge, go fly cliff wall, dyke a column, Green Light, send Weng woman owned, fascinating fairy cave and other attractions, people linger. New natural rock climbing cave project challenging.

Local residents lived a lot of Tujia, Chongqing tour and most of them living in the mountains, like Habitat houses on stilts, Wuji low to high before some houses floating out. Housing is dry-column all-wood structure, the ground floor of the barn or set aside for agricultural implements, who lived upstairs. Laying around the floor of the corridor, Diaolan flower windows, upturned eaves fishtail. The whole building cornices, chisel phoenix dragon painting, flower window railings, Miaohong the green, colorful.

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