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Home >> Dazu Rock Carvings sightseeing tours

Dazu Rock Carvings

Dazu Rock CarvingsNorth Dunhuang, Nanda foot, even seen the goal, through the Yungang, Dazu Rock Carvings as a masterpiece of ancient Chinese stone carving art is still not to be missed. She set the culmination of grotto art, the art of grotto onto a new peak.

Chongqing tours to Dazu Rock Carvings in Dazu County is within 74 50000 yuzun Religion stone statues in general. Dazu is located southeast of the Sichuan Basin, 271 km west of Chengdu, Chongqing, 167 kilometers east. County area of about 1400 square kilometers. Dazu County built in the Tang Qian Yuan Dynasty (AD 758), dating back more than 1230 years of history, its county Natori Dafeng Dazu means. Dazu Rock Carvings was founded in the early Tang Yeonghwiwon years, after the Late Tang, Five Dynasties, Song Sheng Yu, stretching the Ming and Qing. Where the national key cultural relics protection units two (Kitayama, Baoding Mountain), the provincial cultural relics protection units four (Nanshan, Shimenshan, stone seal Hill, North Tower), wonderful mountains, Shu diagenesis, aces Hill 68 for the municipal cultural relics protection units. Kitayama, Baoding Mountain Dazu Rock Carvings for the largest, most valuable, most concentrated, most exquisite art stone statues representative. December 1, 1999, UNESCO will Dazu Rock Carvings in Kitayama, Baoding Mountain, Nanshan, stone seal Hill, Shimenshan 5 Cliff officially listed as a World Heritage Site. Dazu Rock Carvings in Buddhist statues based, both Confucianism, Taoism statues, from the art, the Dazu Rock Carvings reflects our late Buddhist statues man of God of features.

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