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Home >> Fairy Mountain National Forest Park travel guide and tours

Fairy Mountain National Forest Park

Fairy Mountain National Forest ParkFairy Mountain National Forest Park, Wulong County, 28 kilometers away, covers 100 square kilometers, altitude 1650-2033 meters, the annual average temperature is below 11.2 ¡æ. Dense forests, vast grasslands, Qixiu peaks, cool and pleasant climate, strange and beautiful snow landscape, showing its unique tourism ornamental value. Its woodlands, peaks, meadows, snowy known by tourists Fairy Hill "four no." Fairy Hill area of 33 hectares of forest, dozens of acres of natural grass. Is a natural oxygen bar.

Fairy Hill winter long last year from November to February is a period of snow. By then snow, dressed in white, prairie skiing, snow, snow, lamb, wine Rinpu, cheering. Where the spring and summer, but see the blue sky, grass green grass, flowers, cattle and sheep flocks, school of life. Mild mountain climate is cool in summer, the monthly average temperature at 18-20oc, even in the hottest July and August, the maximum temperature does not exceed 30 ¡æ. Summer scenery enchanting, climate cool and comfortable, boundless forests, clear wind Buddhism, cool and pleasant. Visitors can enjoy the picturesque alpine grasslands, Chongqing tours meadows and forest landscape, but also to wash the dust annoying, inspiring, mental and physical pleasure, relaxing holiday, the perfect cool summer resort. Its charming glamorous forest-steppe landscape is considered to have the majority of tourists in Western Europe Makizono style "Southland first ranch." So Xiannushan enjoy "mountain Palace " reputation.

Currently mountain hospitality facilities has taken shape, built five-star and four-star hotels, villas, cabins tree, style huts, huts and other accommodation facilities Continental triangle. Opened a riding, skiing, grass skiing, racing, paintballing, You wave the ball, paragliding, bonfire, barbecue, etc. more than 20 rides, Fairy Hill for a relaxing getaway, the perfect cool summer resort. Chongqing Fairy Mountain was named "Top Ten" tourist attractions, in 2011 and born three Qiaokou, declared Wulong Furong Karst tourist area was named the national AAAAA level scenic area.

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