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Home >> Dragon Falls travel guide and tour

Dragon Falls

Dragon FallsFame, renowned Chinese and foreign, " Asia's first waterfall" - Dragon Falls, with its shaking, majestic momentum and hongxinggongyue like strange landscape with popular folklore, the spotlight. Dragon Falls 115 meters wide, 64.5 meters high waterfall area of 7417.5 square meters, is the Chongqing municipal scenic area. It is located in the territory of Wanzhou District, 30 km from the city, scenic area of 60.13 square kilometers.

Dragon Falls Green hills, waterfalls wide, odd holes, secluded lake, Lake, rainbow beauty. Falls below 1600 square meters shuiliandong can greatly enrich your imagination. 7000 square meters of dragon cave, breathtaking natural heaven's Dragon Cave "Heavenly painted wall." Dragon Falls, Dijie souls, beautiful mountains. It brought up Three Kingdoms generals Canning, also gave birth to renowned Chinese and foreign famous modern poet, essayist, literary theorist Qifang. Area by the Dragon Falls, Canning Lake, Baekundong, Guan Feng College, Happy Hills five scenic spots. Currently, Chongqing tour to Dragon Falls has been opened. Since Dragon Falls unique landscape, magnificent, has become the Yangtze River Three Gorges International Tourism Online a bright pearl, favored by the world. Dragon Falls and Huangguoshu Waterfall is marriage, joint effort to build " Chinese water culture " tourism product.

Dragon Falls Scenic Area is a national key scenic Three Gorges scenic area is one of the Chongqing municipal scenic area. Five major scenic 39 spots, five core scenic area by the Dragon Falls, Canning Lake, Baekundong, Guan Feng College and The Happy Zhuang composition, set Green hills, bamboo Mao, odd holes, secluded lake, waterfall wide, Rainbow America, Lake, tombs, former residences of celebrities in one. Dragon Falls not only within the area, Dragon Cave, Green Dragon, shuiliandong, Qinglong River and many have unearthed this natural landscape of the " Warring States Pack gong ", " tiger Niu Chunyu " and other national -level cultural relics and the famous Three Kingdoms Canning hometown, famous modern writer, poet, former residence of Mr. He Qifang 's rich cultural landscape.

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