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Home >> Baoding Mountain tourist information

Baoding Mountain

Chongqing Baoding Mountain Baoding Mountain is located in Dazu County, Longgang Town, 15 km north-east at an altitude of 527.83 m. Rock carvings of Baoding Mountain include Big Buddha Bay Center Shengshou Temple, the small Buddhist Bay statues, known as "The Sixth Patriarch biography dense printed" Zhao Zhifeng AD 1174-1252 (Southern Song Chun Xi to the stove Woo years). Lasted more than 70 years, the overall concept of organization dug from a large statues nearly statue Tantric Buddhism temple. And also the Dazu Rock Carvings essence lies, and Chinese grotto art onto the peak.

Shengshou the Temple mountain to build a majestic like concept. The Southern Song Zhao Zhifeng created, after being, Ming BingXian, China Chongqing tour to that fine twice rebuilt. Seventh existing gate, King Hall, Indra Temple Daeungjeon III shrive, Randeng temple and Vimalakirti temple temples, reconstruction of the Qing Dynasty, the construction area of 1631.68 square meters.

Big Buddha Bay Hill Wan Shou Temple lower left is a shape of a "U" shape. Cliff face about 500 meters long, about 8-25 meters high. Statues carved in the cliffs on three sides of the east, south, north, through the 31st numbered. Its content and link similar, just like the one illustrated picture. The small Buddha Bay is located in the right side of the Shengshou Temple, sitting south of the north, its main building is an altar stone Toru station, 2.31 meters high, 16.50 meters wide from east to west, the depth of 7.90 m. Altar stage Oplegnathus completely into the stone walls, stone chamber, times carved Buddha, Bodhisattva, through numbered as the 9th.

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