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Home >> Chengdu Wenshu Temple travel information and tours

Chengdu Wenshu Temple

Chengdu Wenshu TempleChengdu Wenshu Temple is situated in the Land of Abundance Chengdu center, covering an area of 90 acres, Sichuan famous Buddhist temple, key activities of National Buddhism, Zen Buddhism in China is one of the four practice spaces, the provincial cultural relics protection units. Chengdu Wenshu street. Sui years (605 -617 years) was founded, Shu Wang Yong Siew "St Nicholas" name naming letter Temple. Takemune suppression of Buddhism in Tang Huichang five years (845 years), Chengdu tour to the Temple destroyed. Xuanzong ascended the throne (847) repair. The clear Shunzhi reign (1644) is completely destroyed. Three decades of Kangxi (1691) reconstruction, when people depending see them off the profound Zen monks the Merciful Benedict sea Month incarnation of Manjushri, then renamed Wenshu. Jiaqing 19 years (1841) and two expansions Tongzhi six years (1867), one of the Qing Dynasty Kawanishi four jungle.

Later on, the city law will be multi-set here. Covers an area of 6¤76¤7over 60,000 square meters, King Hall, the three disabilities temple, Main Hall, saying Church, Canon House etc., next to the Bell and Drum Tower wing, garden. Size of copper, iron, jade, stone, wood carvings and more than 100 Buddha statues, including 15 large bronze statue was cast in the Qing dynasty, 2007 (1827). A collection of many precious cultural relics, which Kangxi the Yushu "empty forest, sea month poem" inscriptions, 10 Song cast the protective deities iron like the monk Xuanzang top bone a Ming Chongzhen Emperor Tian embroidered, terra-robe Hair Embroidery Water Moon Guanyin, to pick yarn Wen and Myanmar white jade Buddha, India Sanskrit Pattra Ming Dynasty South Tripitaka. The new beginning of a of terra peace tower (Tower) was built in the Sui Dynasty in 1988, formerly known as letter Temple, so far, more than 1,300 years of history. The end of the Ming dynasty, the monastery was destroyed in the war, the reign of Emperor Kangxi, Tsz Benedict Zen is in ruins tabernacle meditation, chanting practice meditation red of Manjushri image, stating that his incarnation of Manjushri Wenshu, therefore renamed as.

In the long course of history, the Wenshu has appeared Tsz Benedict, many world famous monk in the round, sea, wide Lin, at the same time, the temple houses Tang Xuanzang parietal bone, the rare scriptures peerless treasure. The Wenshu Therefore, by the dynasties toward extension, the government's attention to the protection. The 40-year reign of Emperor Kangxi, Emperor pro give the Yushu "empty forest" plaque, send envoy served. 1950s, Marshal Zhu De had designed for the Wenshu sent a lot of bluegrass and person Wenshu talked about the same width Lin Master. The beginning of the Cultural Revolution, Zhou Enlai, Liu Xiaoping had instructed provincial, municipal Wenshu and heritage "good protection", after the liberation of the the previous Movement and the Cultural Revolution from catastrophe and the surviving downtown in the Pure Land.

Since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, the implementation of the Party's religious policy, the party and government leaders at all levels of care, support, monks and lay their efforts so that the the Wenshu this millennium ancient temple vibrant Buddhist prosperity, world-renowned , nearly two million people annually pilgrims the Wenshu embodies the window of the Party's religious policy, contacts at home and abroad believers, guests of the bridge, a link for the the Wenshu development offer to seek out, the monks of the donated money and goods, endless believer. Temple to New the "Monju Court" is the second Wenshu start-ups, the ZTE large main building after another, it is powerful and majestic stately, beautifully rustic style, innovative features and rich. It stands in the Wenshu axis of the final, with a total area of 4,000 square meters.

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