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Home >> Du Fu Thatched Cottage travel guide and tours

Du Fu Thatched Cottage

Du Fu Thatched CottageDu Fu Thatched Cottage is the residence time of the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu Refugees Chengdu. In the winter of 759 AD, Du Fu order to avoid the "Rebellion", with his family by Longyou (now in southern Gansu Province) Shu at. Rely on the help of family and friends to build a hut living, the picturesque Huanhuaxi in the western suburbs of Chengdu River. The following spring, hut completed, "Chengdu Thatched Cottage. Here, the poet has lived for nearly four years now spread to more than 240 first made in poetry. Because of Chengdu away from the Central Plains of the war, and the Thatched Cottage and is located in the Country, the poet's life is more stable, quieter mood, which they mostly bucolic his thatched cottage poetry, such as "Church" and "Village" "Spring Night Rain in" chapter is true. However, Du Fu, after all, is a lofty political ambitions of the poet, concern and worry for the country's future and destiny of the people, so he still can not forget the reality. Concern for the fate of poetry works, remains an important part of his creation. Famous poem written in this period of the hut autumn winds have ruined the song, hate the other, "disease orange", "dry brown" are moving realism immortal. Because of the poetry of Du Fu in Chengdu has left us with a valuable literary wealth, later the Du Fu Thatched Cottage hailed as a holy place in the history of Chinese literature. In 1961, the State Council announced the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

Came to the main entrance of the thatched cottage, they saw and had a sparkling river from the front of the circulation, and this is Du Fu poem mentioned several times Huanhuaxi of. The said "Huanhuaxi the origin of the poetic name, as well as a moving story. According to legend, when the stream Tang lived the girl surnamed any, beautiful and good heart. Day, she was riverbank laundry, the way a monk was covered in sores pedestrians to stay away and only this any girl not clued. So the monk took off his frame were stained with blood and pus qi begged her Huanxi, any girl embrace. I did not realize rack Buddhist monk's robe one into the water, instant full Creek again in the lotus blossoming Look at that monk, but has disappeared. The people are very surprised, put the river named Huanhuaxi a. In fact, Chengdu tours Huanhuaxi named with Ringer unrelated. More credible argument that the brook occupants papermaking industry, they take the stream to the system of ten color letterhead, "the color of flower, river, hence the name. River deep water in the Tang Dynasty, Huanhuaxi can do it big boat, the beautiful scenery of the riverbank, Du Fu's an "quatrains" made vivid picture: "The two Oriole Ming Cui Liu, egrets on the sky. Window containing Xiling Snow ages ( the west of Chengdu Minshan mountains, ancient air beneath pure, overlooking the snow-capped mountains), the the door parked Soochow boats to moor (Huanhuaxi belongs to the Yangtze River, which the boat out of the River House Mashimo Soochow). "

The main entrance reads "Cottage" word, is the seventeenth child of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi, Yongzheng emperor's brother if Prince book. "Miles west of the house, Baihuatan North Zhuang pair of couplets, Du Fu's" the pregnant Chinshui ranking ended sentence of the poem, it points clear Thatched Cottage geographical position: "Miles Bridge" in South Gate Bridge, contains the history Three Kingdoms Shu Prime Minister Zhuge Liang the delivery fee taboo ambassador Soochow this banquet in farewell, Zhuge Liang deeply fees taboo the distance of this line, Vanda Miss the anti Wei task is arduous, it said: "Miles trip began." bridge so named. Thatched Cottage is on the west side of the bridge; "Baihuatan place Huanhuaxi the upstream now known as" Alondra weir ", it's named after someone said here water shallows anxious crest from the piece of foam was like flowers open; Some people say because then Huanhuaxi River blooms and lush, 20 miles incense constantly the Qingyang Palace to Huanhuaxi. "(Poem by Lu) flowers fade, full Tan Yi Xiang. So, the cottage is north of the Lake. Instead of Chengdu now Baihuatan Park, now Baihuatan is the visit the ancient Baihuatan site by Huang Hu Qing Dynasty, listen to the locals casually said, while tree monument mistakenly set.

Step into the main entrance, we can see the entire garden bamboo-lined green water linger school of natural and scenery, which is reflected in the Du Fu's poetry: "Huanhuaxi water of the western end of, the owner Kipling pond quiet".

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