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Home >> Chunxi Road travel information and tour

Chunxi Road

Chunxi RoadChunxi Road, Chengdu, north of East Avenue, South New Street, New Street, east of North New Street, south of Zongfu range west of the Red Star Road and street area, an area of about 20 hectares. The region has more than 700 commercial outlets, outlets total area of about 220,000 square meters. The total length of 1.1 km, a width of 20 meters of road planning. Chun Xi Road is located inthe center of Chengdu, is a historic, bustling commercial street, Chengdu is the most representative and most bustling commercial pedestrian street.

Chunxi Road was built in 1924, the supervision of Dr YEUNG Sum, proposed to build the causes of Sichuan, YEUNG Sum ordered the demolition of all the old bureaucratic built, then build something two blocks from the South to the North street, the name of the spring Hay Road East, the western part of the southern section of the northern section. Initially he SUMMERVILLE generals "title as' SUMMERVILLE road. I then people take "moral": "Hee hee crowd, as Gordon Chun Tai" sentence, changed its name to Chunxi Road, to describe the commercial downtown here, people bustling scene of the Golden Age of peace and prosperity.

Outsiders if not around Chunxi Road to Beijing not to Wangfujing like to Chengdu to Shanghai less than Nanjing Road as regrettable. China Chengdu tour to Chunxi Road is not only a fashion center in Chengdu, beautiful play Hope, delicious snacks gathered by the bell dumplings, glutinous rice balls Lai, Fuqifeipian Korea buns, Long Chao Shou street spicy barbecue and Chuanchuan Xiang, the price index and delicious index contrast definitely make you a real treat at the same time, do not worry about the rapid shrinking of the purse. Southwest of the first CD-brand the lattice shop "Masai Ge" is also located here.

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