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Home >> Twin Towers Mountain travel information and tour

Twin Towers Mountain

Twin Towers MountainTwin Towers mountain tourism cableway to Twin Towers hills office door square as a starting point, via Twin Towers scenic area at the foot of the mountain, straight on another famous landscape " ape-man stone ", total length of 800 meters, 88 meters elevation. Important cableway runs through the scenic attractions, can let you travel more relaxed, comfortable, fully. Chengde city 30 miles south-west, there are two north-south row of a huge rock column, stand shoulder to shoulder, like the pagoda, each tower a peak, named Twin Towers mountain. Two peaks of roughly the same level; North Peak thick, 40 meters high, 74 meters in circumference. South peak is rough, the circumference of 34 meters. The Twin Towers hills along steep, too high to be reached, no one in modern times go up, peak Zhuanta who, when, why the building, can make nothing of it, has been a mystery; today through a telescope, the north peak of the brick tower about 2 meters high, conical, no door. South Peak Brick Tower North to south, 5 meters high, square, side length of 2 meters, the door about 1.5 meters high, 1.3 meters wide, four corners of the wood according to, have iron out, hanging bells.

East, West, South three wall is brick seam, the north wall of the sealing straight stubble. In 1976 before the north wall crack width is larger, at about 20 centimeters, after the Tangshan earthquake, pagoda not only did not fall, but put together fissure; " Chengde Prefecture " records: " the East Tower ( South ) on top of the temple, built by unknown person, has collapsed, next to a small Steles engraved " Wang Xian " three words ". Ji Xiaolan Qing Dynasty, " notes of Yuewei cottage " said: " villa West Twin Towers peak, Maxine Hong Kingston opposition, looks like a two floor, pull up, no way, or night smell a bell sound through it, and a cloud exchanges. Qianlong Geng Chen ( fifty-five years, 1790), ordered to guard the official structure of wood staircase, sent people get treated, and a peak around one hundred and sixty, a house, the house Yijiyi censer, for stone, engraved three words of Wang Xiansheng. A peak around the sixty-two step, a leek two Xiaqi, Cheng Zhen square garden are built, is not the human have to. " The book also said: " the straw sandals - double the incense burner, there are books on the table one ". " From the Shuangfeng Li Xu, temple Abbot Wuzhen cloud: Qianlong Ren Yin ( forty-seven years, 1782), a thunderstorm, Twin Towers, the falling of a stone, this is for the temple, however only crude piece, China Chengde tours its side like the Buddha. " " Notes of Yuewei cottage " is fiction, contained in the matter of credibility is also not credible, but Mountain Resort Museum has retained a stone, presumably Ji Xiaolan said piece of stone. On the Buddha patterns, gesture, backlight pattern identification, like a relic of the Liao ago. The top of Twin Towers on the " small temple" (pagoda ) age of the building should be in the Liao dynasty.

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