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Home >> Mulan Weichang tour information

Mulan Weichang

Mulan WeichangRoyal Chase Qing - Mulan Weichang, located in Chengde City Weichang Manchu and Mongolian Autonomous County. Mainly by three major scenic spots SAIHANBA national forest parks, scenic areas and forest and grassland Yudaokou Hongsongwa National Nature Reserve and other components. It is located in northern Hebei, Inner Mongolia plateau and mountain convergence zone, the complex topography and vegetation structure. Mountain plateau echoes; undulating hills Man Austin; rivers lakes; forest steppe connected. In particular, the vast woodlands and a large area of natural grassland seamless, beautiful and spectacular. Summer, cool and pleasant climate, lush grasslands, flowers. The depth of winter, snow, snow. So, here known as the source of water, cloud hometown, flower world, forest ocean, exotic animals in heaven. Since ancient times, this is a lush, natural gardens animals gather. Trinidad pine Liao emperor was hunting land, while it is held by the Qing Emperor Mulan autumn Wai (hunting), said.

In dating back 300 years ago, there was a fancy Qing Wang Chaohuang room, turned into Mulan Weichang. First half of the Qing Dynasty, the emperor every year rate nobles, Banners elite to be held here in hunting and tourism as the main content of Mulan autumn Wai (hunting), held a total of around a hundred times. In 1690, there also occurred world-famous Battle of the Ulan Buh pass. These important historical events, give this beautiful natural landscape confers strong historical and cultural contents, is here left many monuments and sites, such as bright soldiers Taiwan, General paozi, twelve associates, Saibei stone Buddha Temple, many beautiful and moving story of legends and folklore therefore.

Chengde tours to Mulan Weichang in the history of the three major scenic spots by now SAIHANBA national forest parks, scenic forests and grasslands Yudaokou Hongsongwa National Nature Reserve and other components.

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