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Home >> Pingquan Liaoheyuan travel information and tours

Pingquan Liaoheyuan River

Chengde Pingquan LiaoheyuanThe Pingquan Liaoheyuan River scenic spot is located 60 kilometers northwest of Pingquan county, an area of 230 square kilometers, the provincial forest park. Due to the many places spring, abundant water, the the West Liaohe birthplace so called "Liaoheyuan".

The scenic mountains, forests, grasslands, springs, rocks as a whole. The main peak of Ma Yu Shan, the main scenic spots, 1,738 meters above sea level, was the subalpine grassland landscape. Mountain mountainside vast woodlands, blotting out the sun, Yamashita water gurgling spring BUZZ; hill pasture broad, the luxuriant grass over the waist, wildflowers, such as embroidered. Liao History records that the birthplace of the Khitan and Xi family, now ruins and relics big long princess tomb sarcophagus, Liao Chen Guogong, Dou Jing Yong, South Campus senator Fushi tomb stone statue, Shiyang, tigers. Mother Nature Liaoheyuan created many landscapes, attractions, the crocodile Wangjiang stone, seals trial crown stone, turtle stone, shihe dozens of like-shaped stone, all lifelike. "Nine Longpan Yang" more Chengde tour scenic is a must, this tree canopy huge, cover an area of nearly 750 square meters, nine branch of a rose, or the company explores, or Stretch are all bending circled, like Qiu Long group play.

Pingquan Liaoheyuan River scenic area, pleasant climate, four seasons scenery and ever-changing, people are getting back to basics, the ideal place to return to nature.

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