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Home >> Yuelu Mountain tourist guide

Yuelu Mountain

Yuelu MountainYuelu Mountain in Changsha urban West, east of the Xiangjiang River, an area of about 80,000 square kilometers, the ancients praise its "Bi peaks screen open show such as cut beads." Since the Tang and Song dynasties, Yuelushan to Linhe is beautiful and secluded mountain stream deep famous. Six Dynasties Podocarpus, Tang Song Yinxing, Ming and Qing Song camphor quite famous; landscape famous love late Pavilion, breeze Gap, pythons hole, YuWang monument, Yuelu Academy. Also buried here with Huangxing CaiE and other famous people. Yuelu Mountain spring mountain is covered with lush green, azalea (flowers) in full bloom; quiet summer cool; autumn Maple Leaf Flow Dan, storied make dye; midwinter Yushu Chiung-chih, snow, Four Seasons and pleasant scenery.

Yuelu Academy in the foothill of the mountain, was founded in Kai-nine (976), Zhu Xi, Zhang speaker during its heyday, students thousands to become one of the four College in the Song Dynasty. The Emperor Guangxu 29 years (1903) changed the institutions of higher education, and later become the cole Normale Sup¨¦rieure. 1925 to Hunan University. College, the existing old buildings there Yushu floor, Wenchang floor, half science Lent, 10 Yi is Church, Changsha tours to Lianxilechu Temple by the Church of the Xiang River school, low self-esteem pavilion, people cherish the memory of the glorious history of the College.

Yuelu mountain, mountainous Emerald, ancient trees, the Linhe quiet, beautiful scenery. Elegant and Graceful, human and cultural resources of the famous mountain resort.

Millennium universities Yuelu Academy in the breeze Xiakou,, "thousands of years of the Chu materials originate here, gave birth to the profound, the vast expanse of Hunan culture, generation after generation of martyrs, great culture.

Yuelu Mountain is also good patriotism and revolutionary tradition education classroom, Here lies the devotion of martyrs during the Revolution to overthrow the monarchy, republicanism; heroic deaths of people with lofty ideals to sacrifice justice; buried the Anti-Japanese War to resist foreign aggression and the bloody battlefields, the martyred Chinese soldiers and civilians.

The Zuozuo clear and inspired the children and grandchildren of the Chinese nation, constitute Yuelushan depicting tragic and solemn cultural landscape forever for them to establish a monument epitaphs.

Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area Department of the state-level key scenic spots. Located in the ancient city of Changsha Xiangjiang two sides, composed of low hills mountain, river, river, lake, natural flora and fauna, and cultural monuments and tombs of modern celebrity, to commemorate the revolution and other sites, scenic mountain area for the city. Open scenic Lushan scenic Orange Isle scenic. Core scenic Foothills area, scenic Yuelu Academy love late Pavilion, Lushan, Yunlu Palace, the new Institute for Democracy attractions. Planning to open the scenic: Tianmashan, Taohualing, Dan Jialing Tucheng head attractions, with a total area of 36 square kilometers. Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area the south Hengyue, north Dongting Lake, west of the vast wilderness East Kan surging Xiang stream, Yuping, Pegasus, Phoenix, Orange Island cross show before, peach, green moth actually Chui and Jinpen, Taurus , mica, the Guifeng arch held around static winding like snakes, such as moving the horse Fenti overlooking volley like a miniature bonsai, measured as the distance like a natural screen wall. Can be described as Heavenly creatures, human wonders, Changsha Grand View.

Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area Since ancient times, known to the world beautiful with it breeze scenic gorge, Yunlu peak area, million jingyuan landscape with, He shipo area Confucian resort, Buddhist temples Probing to Yunlu Road Palace, oranges State First Class scenic spots.

Breeze scenic gorge: Yuelu Academy to the Valley of Lushan, named breeze Gap. Yuelu Academy "records:" When ruffles, Xu breeze to rest people named sub too. "Dynasties people here as the summer's natural resort. Beautiful, natural scenery in the breeze Gap Gap dense forests, towering old trees, streams coiled Nagareizumi Star Lo moves. The scenery scenery with the conversion of the climate and the season, showing the ever-changing attitude. Gap, there are a large number of cultural relics for the world attention, within the historic Buddhist name Tower - stupa, Pavilion, one of China's four famous love late Pavilion, a famous South poem engraved, and Liu Road, first-class modern celebrity tombs.

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